Dog Free Ticket with Camping

Can you please ensure you have purchased your Camping Unit Ticket(s) as well as your Adult Ticket(s). Every vehicle MUST have a vehicle pass to enter the site, we do not have overnight parking area, so if your partner is arriving in separate vehicle then you will need to add additional camping units for that vehicle

One camping unit is for a camper van, motor home, vehicle plus a tent or vehicle plus caravan combination.

Your order as a minimum will consist of one Adult and one camping unit £75, please ensure you purchase the correct number of adult and camping units when making your selection.

Busfest Covid-19 Insurance.

Busfest tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable, and despite obvious signs that Covid-19 is now in retreat and things are getting back to normal, you never know what's around the corner. So, with this in mind, we have arranged an optional 'peace-of-mind' insurance policy in place for those of you who would like to guarantee a refund of your ticket fee, should you have to cancel your visit to Busfest for Covid-19 related reasons (only). The fee is £1, added on to each Adult Weekend Pass, available by clicking the optional button when you are making your purchase on our Online Booking Office at

Please note: This is a personal insurance policy only, with a refund being made only if you have to cancel your attendance due to a Covid-19 related reason. Medical proof will be required upon claim.  If Busfest cannot proceed with the festival due to Covid-19 restrictions this policy in not effective and our standard terms and conditions will take effect.

Adult Ticket

Temporarily unavailable

Dog Free Camping Unit

£25.00 each

Out of stock

This product is currently unavailable.
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